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Terms and conditions for Prepaid 12-month 24/7 Gym Membership

Membership Policies, Terms and Conditions

Embark Fitness 365 Members

You are responsible for respecting the privacy of others within the facility and for demonstrating respect for all individuals.

You have the right to participate in an environment free of harassment based on age, weight, race, gender or sexual orientation.

You have the right to participate in a facility that is clean and safe.

You are responsible for respecting the facility in which you participate.

You are responsible for sharing equipment, space and facilities willingly.

You are responsible for the reporting of any concerns regarding safety concerns or harassment to the owner, manager or other staff members.

Clean indoor running shoes are mandatory. NO OUTDOOR FOOTWEAR!

Hours of operation

Embark Fitness 365 is a 24-hour facility.

Members with a key fob will have access to the facility 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Key fobs are non-transferable and can only be used by the member who has purchased it.

Only registered members with a key fob and a membership in good standing, will be allowed in the facility outside of staffed hours.

Staffed hours will be posted.

There is a Panic Button that can be accessed at all times in the event of an emergency.

Key Fobs

Key fobs must be purchased by members who have 3, 6, or 12 month 24/7 memberships or monthly unlimited class memberships.

The fee is CAD$45 + tax. This is a non-refundable fee. If your key fob is lost or stolen there is a replacement fee for a new key fob.

They are non-transferable.

Once your membership expires your key fob will be disabled until membership is renewed.

Members with key fobs are NOT permitted to admit anyone into the fitness facility, whether they have a key fob or not.

It is mandatory for every member with key fob access to swipe in with your key fob, even during regular business hours.

Security surveillance cameras are in all areas of the fitness facility and are on at all times. There will only be staff during set business hours.

Any abuse will not be tolerated. Failure to follow the rules will result in suspension or termination of membership at the owner's discretion.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Membership Without A Contract

Monthly Class Membership

Members who purchase the unlimited class membership are required to purchase a key fob. This fee is non-refundable.

Monthly membership without a contract can be cancelled 14 days prior to the next billing date in person or by emailing info@embarkfitness.ca

Unless otherwise stated, all memberships auto-renew with their original terms.

Members without a contract who wish to change their membership type may do so by providing notice 14 days in advance of their next billing date. Written notice is required in person or by email to info@embarkfitness.ca

Membership With A Contract

3, 6 and 12 Month 24/7 Access Memberships and Prepaid Memberships

A key fob must be purchased. This fee is non-refundable. You must swipe your key fob each time you enter the facility.

30 day written notice is required to cancel, in person or by email to info@embarkfitness.com and you will be responsible for all fees associated with early termination of the membership agreement.

If you would like to cancel your membership prior to the end date, the cancellation fees are as follows:

3-month membership: CAD$45 + GST

6-month membership: CAD$82.50 + GST

12-month membership: CAD$150 + GST

For all memberships, you are entitled to a 7 day cooling off period. If you notify Embark Fitness 365 within the 7 day cooling off period, you will receive a full refund. If you have purchased a key fob, if must be returned at this time.

Monthly Class Membership

After the cooling off period, you may cancel your monthly class membership with 14 days notice of next billing date. Upon your request to cancel, future monthly payments will be stopped.

3, 6 and 12-month Memberships and Prepaid Memberships

For these memberships, you are not entitled to cancel and receive a refund except for under the below listed circumstances:

Injury, Disability or Death

Relocation further than 10 km from Embark Fitness 365; must provide proof of relocation

If you must cancel for one of the reasons listed above, you will be refunded the prorated amount for the services not rendered.

Plan Holds

Members can place a hold on their membership for a minimum of 1 month to a maximum of 3 months.

There is a one time hold fee of CAD$15.

You must provide 14 days notice to put a hold on your membership. Written notice is required in person or by email to info@embarkfitness.ca